Chronological Order In Narration Essay

When you`re writing a narration essay what you need to do is read the topic sentence and then put one two three four in the blank of the sentence you think should come first the sentence that comes second third and fourth okay a combination of talent and hard work has propelled Alicia Keys to musical stardom so now look at the sentences some have dates of years in them some have ages mentioned those are clues to time or time clues to help you put these four sentences in order as if you are writing a paragraph about Alicia Keys alright so here are the answers did you get all of them correct number one that’s the earliest date in 1988 seven years old you have to time clothes. Check out other articles on narration in essays at Edusson.

So of course that’s going to be the first sentence in the paragraph right after the topic sentence the next one number two as a teenager so we have moved from seven-year-old to teenager right that’s time order the third one mentions at age twenty you’ve gone from seven to teenager to age twenty we know that teenager is somewhere between 13 and 19 this statement did not have to say when she was 19 years old alright it simply says a teenager teenager is still a time clue word and then statement number four 2005 now that is the latest year that you see in these statements so of course that is going to be the last one so we have moved from seven-year-old in 1988 all the way down to 2005 where she is over 20 years old in fact she’s 23 so make sure that you tell your narration in a clear chronological sequence from beginning to end transitional words move you from one paragraph to the next or it moves you from one part of your story to the next part of your story.

Since narration essays rely on chronological order or time sequence words and phrases that signal time are helpful to the reader to keep us clear on the order of your experience okay let’s take a look examples of transition words that you will use in a narration essay afterward after that currently eventually finally first later meanwhile next now soon then or you can use dates of the year as we saw in a previous example in the Alicia Keys paragraph but use transitional words so that we are clear that you are moving to another part of your story and that you are wrapping it up so here are some tips on writing your narration essay number one remember a narration essay is not a short story it is not a journal or a diary entry it is still and as say that requires an introduction a thesis of body and a conclusion remember your narration si needs to have a point why are you sharing this story what can readers learn from your experience make the point of the story known in the conclusion of the essay.

How to Write a Killer Essay | Essay Tips, Tricks, Hacks, etc…

Today, I’m going to be sharing my tips for you guys to write a killer essay and overall tips and tricks to do so.

So the first step is to make sure that you have all your required materials. This means that you have previous essays, books, your laptop etc. You can also have pens that you need. The second step is to know any specifications that you have such as if your essay is MLA format what the due date is. So a tip for this is to actually try an essay checklist.

These are super helpful because you can either add your own specifications to this or you can use the ones online but it definitely helps you to organize your essays. Another big thing about writing an essay is actually planning out your essay. You can outline it yourself but planning is a big daunting task but it is the most important. So this is basically how I organize my essays. So on the top of a piece of paper, I’ll write the topic and the prompt or whatever the teacher gives me that I need to write my essay about and then what I’ll do is I’ll write my thesis statement on my first line and then I will do points. Basically this is a spot where I’m going to write down all the information I want to include in my essay in no particular order.

So I’ll write down facts from my notes, I’ll write down quotes and stuff from books I’ve read or from my notes that need to be quoted and then what I’ll do is I’ll organize out my information in paragraph form. So usually I will write my topic sentence down so that I know what I’m going to be writing about.

Usually I relate this topic sentence back to my thesis so that it flows better and then I go back and edit it. Once I actually finish writing the rough draft of the paper then what I do is I point down the different points that I want to discuss in any quotes or any citations that I’m going to need for this part. So a tip for this is if you want to organize your information more visually you can use different color highlighters and that way it’s going to be a lot easier for you to actually be able to see the information that you have and organize information and your paragraphs and see what relates to what topic.

So the next step is to actually write out your essay. However, you need to get this done. I just basically put some music on and start writing as much as I can and then I go back and edit it once I finished that. So one thing that you can do to make your essay better is to add transition words to vary your sentence structure and to add vocab or fancy words.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I will get back to you soon.