Greatest Invention Research Paper

The project is to allow you to show your research skills in history.  You will have the same thesis statement as everyone else; however, you will have opportunity to take the thesis statement in several directions.

You will be arguing your point of view with the following statement:  ________ is the invention, between the years of 1860 to 1905 that has had the greatest impact on America today.

General Guidelines

The objectives are to provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your acquired research skills and to provide you the opportunity to research, in detail, the inventions from the turn of the century (while showing their impact on today’s society).

The paper must be written in your own words. You will interpret the information you gather and provide your own explanation.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

The paper must be seven pages in its entirety and will include:

  1. Title page: 1 page
  2. Table of Contents 1 page
  3. Body 4 pages
  4. Bibliography/Works Cited 1 page

The body must be written in a three-part essay style.

1. The first paragraph will be the introduction. In the introduction you must broach the subject with background information of the era.  The focus and culmination of the paragraph will be the thesis statement.  Your introduction must include the three main points and brief descriptions for the paper.

2. The second part of the paper will be a minimum of three main points each supported by, at least, two referenced details.

3. The third part is a conclusion with final words of the autor of research paper. Here, you can also mention the sources you have used for this paper and main thoughts regarding your topic.