On IQ and How it Applies to Freelancers

By scheduling time to read up on new things, you increase your knowledge and help your ability grow.

Rich Kid, Smart Kid, for all the controversy it generates, at least gives a sensible illustration of IQ: intelligence relative to age. In other words, the more intelligent someone is, compared to the average intelligence of his age, the higher his IQ.

This also means to maintain your IQ, learning new things as you age is necessary. Someone who grows older, yet still knows the same things, is technically decreasing his IQ.

How does this apply to freelancers? The discipline and commitment EQ brings are crucial, but without a good IQ to complement it, a contract worker will have a harder time. You use IQ to come up with ideas, and EQ to execute them. Try to put aside some time everyday to learn new things, so that youll maintainor even increaseyour IQ as you pursue your freelance career.

What Contract Worker Considers “Freelancing”

This blog is about freelancing. We already know where the word came from, but there are differing opinions of what it means. Strictly speaking, a freelancer’s involvement with a company is only for one specific job. Neither full- nor part-time. But, for the purposes of this blog, even part-time commitments fall under the scope of freelancing. In fact, I’ve decided to consider freelancing in its most general sense. Which is basically not being tied down to a single job. In fact, many of the most lucrative freelancing opportunities don’t end on the “first date.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean spreading yourself too thin (the jack of all trades is the master of none). It’s still possible to work for different clients/employers, but practice only one craft. In fact, if done properly, constantly practicing a skills means you’re concentrating on it. Practice always makes perfect, and within the limits of human stamina and physical possibility, working too much was never bad.

That is the beauty of Contract Work: not limiting yourself to a single obligation comes with lots of advantages. Like building a network of contacts, since you get to interact with different kinds of people. Or Enjoying more opportunities to hone your abilities. And, of course, the chance to earn more money within the same amount of time. There is of course the danger of not giving each project the attention it deserves, but a person who has mastered the fine art of time management will have no problem.

Admittedly, I’m still a long way from that. But only my sleep suffers because of my inexperience, which is something I think I can sacrifice from time to time.