Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers


If you need to connect the W to your computer, the USB 3. We thought we’d have a hard time considering how small everything is because of the high resolution, but we rarely made any major mistakes with our taps and we enjoyed using it a lot. Also along the side edges, you get a physical volume control, a power button and a screen lock. They supply clear mid-to-high frequencies, but don’t expect any low-end frequencies from them. To some extent, the port selection is the culprit: This means that the Iconia W has a fan in it and it can get a little loud when the CPU has to do lots of work such as when it’s crunching Flash elements in a Web site.

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Acer’s Aspire S7 already holds claim to one of our favorite laptop displays, so we weren’t terribly surprised dis;lay find that the W also has a high-quality panel. So kudos to Acer for just tossing it in, and at a lower starting price, to boot. And how does that Core i5 processor fare, anyway?

It’s a high quality screen, too, with rich colours, lots of brightness, and wide viewing angles. Pros Great screen Well built Very good performance. Whereas the W has a keyboard displayy with a built-in battery, the W has a cradle scer a modular kickstand you can use you to prop up the tablet in landscape or portrait mode. Rather, it’s something that sits on your kitchen counter or desk for when you want to connect a keyboard and mouse. The W accomplishes this not by use of a keyboard dock, but with a pair of accessories—a cradle-like dock and a brown faux-leather case—that help prop it up when it’s not in tablet mode.


Acer’s Iconia W is neither: I followed Acer’s advice online and it started to run a little faster but sometimes it still runs slow.

There is no dock connector on the tablet; instead, the power and USB ports are used to plug in to the supplied cradle, which then gives the tablet three USB 3.

Product support

Fortunately, at least, the case can be folded in such a way that you can prop the tablet up in landscape mode. When I updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.

Specifically, we got seven hours and 13 minutes of runtime after looping a video off the local disk with WiFi on and the brightness fixed at 65 percent. You’ll have to supply your own keyboard and pointing device for that though via Bluetooth or USB — w00 is also a bundle that includes the cradle along with a keyboard.

Toshiba Satellite Ut 1.

The remaining ports include: Dell XPS 12 1. In our Blender 3D rendering test, it recorded a time of 48sec, while in our iTunes Dusplay encoding test, it recorded 60sec.

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Windows 8 also supports multi-touch gestures so you can swipe, tap, drag, pinch-to-zoom, rotate and slide your way around the W It really is perfect for media consumption. Look displya feel Think of all the pieces you’ll need to carry with you if you decide to take the W on the road. That’ll save you some baggage, though you won’t get any additional ports, as you would on the cradle xisplay any competitors’ keyboard docks.

If you need to connect the W to your computer, the USB 3. Surface Studio 2 review: He also records a weekly book podcast called Overdue. Acer says that the follow-up to the W will have an accompanying case-and-stand accessory with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard to make the tablet a bit more plausible as a laptop replacement. Not to mention, it’s comprised of fewer pieces than the W, and supports pen input, which the W doesn’t. TV, as well as YouTube and Vimeoand w700 was responsive when it came to browsing Web pages, loading apps dispkay flicking through photos.


It’s at this point, in fact, that I wish I could narrate this review in GIFs, or at least show you a candid-camera-style video of all the people who tried and failed to put the dock together while swinging by my desk. Here’s where it gets weird: The ability to fiddle with the precise angle might come in handy if you’re sitting a few feet away watching a movie, or trying to thwart glare from the overheard lights in your office.

Acer 64GB Iconia W ” Tablet NT.L0QAA B&H

We know you can do it, Acer. In Acer’s lineup, specifically, we’ve already had a chance to play with dipslay Iconia Wan Atom-powered device with a keyboard dock.

The tablet slides into it a little awkwardly, and the stand on the back never clicks in to place once it’s in. But what difference do a few ounces make when the entire form factor borders on absurd?