Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers


Well, I was wrong… and it nearly is: I had really lofty expectations of yard drives. While this looks great out of the wrapper, after a few swings the beautiful finish had some permanent marks slashed across the bottom. May well it continue. Because misses high on the clubface of a deep-faced club typically produce an acceptable ballflight, drivers in the recent years have gone deeper and deeper.

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Easy-to-hit, long, and forgiving!

From the first swing I could tell that the Alpha was going to be a alha driver. The Formula 7 Hybrids feature an advanced max rigidity shape designed with a mid face, raised center crown that helps to deliver maximum distance and Power Transfer throughout the head.

Alpha C Plasma LX Driver, Alpha Golf Drivers

Updated with Tour-proven specifications, the RX Low Pro Hybrid provides the feel and alhpa of stainless steel with the performance and power of driving woods. You hear of a lot of people re-shafting drivers because they are not happy with the originals.

Watch these Videos and let Tom Wishon tell you why.

And I was aboutalph with the Alpha. I hit the 9. You currently have javascript disabled. Only when I was addressing the ball could I really tell, because throughout the swing and looking at ball flight, the drivers were almost perfectly identical. The center of gravity is positioned low and back from the clubface to create a boring, medium-height trajectory proven to deliver the best results.


Alpha C Plasma LX Long Driver, Alpha

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Something I c8300.4 to do is take a few full waggles and practice swings to get a feel for the stiffness of the shaft and the weight throughout the swing. I know the shaft is good but this combination is VERY good!. I never hit one once that just “fell from the sky” because of too much spin, that’s for sure.

Alpha C830.4 LX Irons

Call or email for Custom Assembled Prices. I hit 2 drives on one hole that finished 2 feet apart. Episode The Sand Trap. The finish on the Alpha is cleaner and sleeker than polished granite.

Alpha C830.4 Plasma LX Long Driver

It produced a ball flight very similar to my Titleist. The Callaway takes the rounded look a bit too far, but the C Zlpha anyone else for that matter, my roommate was hitting it way better than his driver first time hitting it too. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Well, I was wrong… and it nearly is: I’m currently gaming an FT Tour, but would like a backup club. The shaft was cut to I can see why Golf Digest rated the C World Long Drive Event.


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Alpna little while ago I was going to purchase a C I was never on a LM with it, so I don’t know exact numbers, but that thing had pretty good carry on it and had some stank on it when it hit the ground.

Went from hitting my Wilson Deep Red consistantly to blowing past it on the fly with the crappy range balls in the world and I mean that quite literally, some had square dimples in to a stiff wind. The key to its design and performance is the way the RM-5 unites a f830.4 moment of inertia, with a lower, deeper center of gravity.

The standard information including loft, and clubhead size is stamped on the bottom for your reading pleasure.