Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers


This, however, is mostly on account of NVIDIA’s nForce2 chipset, which, thanks to its dual-channel DDR interface, offers substantially more memory bandwidth than conventional systems will ever be able to offer. For example, the motherboard manufacturers provide DDR support. In addition, some of the boards already feature interfaces for Serial ATA hard drives, as well as FireWire or network controllers. We welcomed the fact that Elitegroup decided against a fan on the Northbridge – these are generally of low quality and break down sooner or later, anyhow. Also seen on the picture is the ATX panel required for the correct installation of this board. Chipset and AGP Driver.

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Even Adobe’s Acrobat Reader 5. Asus A7V8X Board revision: A Comparison of 9 Motherboards. The latter is still hard to find for CL2. Your typical Gigabyte box – this time, it’s green.

L7VTA V ECS ELITEGROUP Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

Aside from all the discussions about the performance of the current generation of motherboards, we were happy to see the many features displayed by the test candidates. The board comes with the following: Because the heat transfer of a simple cooling element suffices, this step taken by many manufacturers is mostly just for looks.

Most of the time wlitegroup officially mentioned in the manual; at times mention is made of an optional MHz mode MHz DDRwhich then remains “unsupported.


Elitegroup is the only manufacturer to put a cooling element on the Southbridge – a provision that may sound cool but fails to offers any benefits whatsoever.

Elitegroup L7VTA (VIA KT) Mainboard

The two CDs have lots to offer: The modules for operation in CL2 mode are affordable and, by today’s standards, certainly not any slower than DDR Gigabyte also throws in two bulky adapter modules. This was enough to produce respectable results.

The BIOS is well laid-out and offers all the options you need for overclocking: Two ports are on the board, the other two fell victim to a conventional IDE port. But the KT offers other novelties over the KT that justify its existence. Following the sobering test results of the first KT motherboards, voices demanding a revised version became louder.

ECS L7VTA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT400

The epitome of networking: You really can’t pack in more, but you have to live without serial and parallel ports. Functional Diagram The chipset diagram should not be left out – it shows all the important features at a glance. This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp.

On the far right of the picture you can still make out the network controller from Broadcom. Four USB ports are available, more with the included adapters. Users like Elitegroup products for its simplicity and no-nonsense approach to giving l7fta what they want out of the box. This no-frills approach to delivering motherboards and other IT products to the consumers have made Elitegroup a strong leader in this budget market space.


Gigabyte was able to put on quite a show in our benchmarks, right up there with the Asus board. The additional effort is simply out of all proportion to any potential performance boost The first thing to strike you is Biostar’s colorful board: In addition, some of the boards already feature interfaces for Serial ATA hard drives, as well as FireWire or network controllers.

It’s a smart move, however, because of the basics it contains. The ports for Memory Stick, smart card reader or Secure Digital are located in the upper right-hand corner, though the board ships with none of these.

On-the-sly Support It’s not a joke. This adapter, which is included in the box as well, offers not only coaxial but also optical digital output.

In our test, both of these features worked flawlessly, but the Biostar board is just a bit slower than its competitors. Although you might eltegroup the board is featureless typical of most ECS boardsyou would be dead wrong. Mixing these up should therefore not be an issue.