Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers

Akker Bouw Drivers


How did I manage to achieve this? The next morning I had forgotten about the WAAS and set off in the car to the station and to take my dog out. It is purely a GPS receiver. With the Emtac I normally get a fix on 7 to 10 satellites, with 9 and 10 being very regular. Switch off the host platform and discontinue operation of the CF LP GPS receiver in hospital ICUs, aircraft, gasoline station, near fuel or chemicals, near blasting areas, or other restricted areas.

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With this in mind I contacted Itochu to determine the real position crud was told that the iPAQ car power supply was OK to use with the Emtac, so no worries about running your battery flat. Driving through the Dartford Tunnel on the M Built-in Antenna external antenna optional. Accuracy of position fixes longitude, latitude and altitude can be affected by alterations made to the GPS satellites by the U. Note that it takes a 5V DC charging source, which probably means that an adapter for use in automobiles is necessary.

I ended up with the receiver on top of a filing cabinet rmtac.

Bending or breaking these parts will severely degrade positioning performance as well as damage the receiver and this will void your warranty. Later on that night I enabled the WAAS and went to bed leaving the receiver active on the windowsill of my office.

With such a unit, the potential non-navigational usage is numerous. The battery life, which although was excellent and more than sufficient for my needs, extensive driving trips or long hikes could drain the power. This system consists of 24 satellites, which orbit the Earth at an altitude of approximately 17, kilometers, and ground control stations. However having said that I did manage to have 3 GPS applications open at the same time. Make sure the GPS application installed completely and correctly.


Geodetic coordinate A coordinate system whose elements are latitude, longitude and geodetic height. This provides the ability to receive all satellites unambiguously and to give some resistance to noise 29 and multipath.

First, locate the external antenna port MCX female and then plug the connector MCX male of external active antenna optional accessory into the external antenna port, as indicated in Figure Underneath the branding badge is the GPS’s internal aerial. Accuracy is subject to change in accordance with the U.

Emtac D1598 Crux II Bluetooth Wireless GPS Receiver – VGC

I then decided to put the unit to a real test to see it’s capabilities. Second, ensure your Pocket PC is fully charged. First I cru the receiver on the windowsill in my office, I often use this when testing, though with other receivers I would only get a maximum 3 satellite fix.

Use of other antenna will severely degrade positioning performance or even damage the receiver.

Basic Guidelines – Emtac CRUX II BTGPS User Manual [Page 9]

This was my first use of a Bluetooth serial device. The Emtac only supports connection to a single device so the utopia of connecting multiple devices to the receiver cannot be realised at the moment.

First Impressions The day the Emtac arrived I had to go out on business and only got back at 8pm so didn’t have much time to play with it. Defense Mapping Agency DMA parameters for determining global geometric and physical geodetic relationships.


Emtzc suggestions below will help you to fulfill any warranty obligations. This more or less ensures that, once launched, integration with existing software will not be a problem.

Because of variations in the Earth’s rotation, UTC is sometimes adjusted by an integer second. Aug 101: That way the receiver would remember where you went and you would only need to switch your PDA on when you needed to consult it for your location thus saving valuable battery power. This is not so reliable as a normal fix as you need line of sight to a single satellite, which although being Geostationary, may not always be available.

I am not quite sure how long it took to get the first fix from factory delivery, I powered the Emtac on, set my stop watch and went to make a cup of coffee. All other products and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.

The position data is then converted within the receiver to latitude and longitude coordinates, which is usually provided in the geodetic datum on which GPS is based WGS